Hey Fam! 


After a long time the label management and A&R’s talked about changes in the label we came to the point that we now will change the name, logo and also a lot of other things in the label. 

First of all, all changes will come into effect on the 01.01.2022. The name of the label will be changed to “desiredrec” - the new logo you can see above. Also we don’t listen and accept any demos until the 01.01.2022 - if you have important things you need to tell us please send them ONLY to “” 

Also all releases before the 01.01.2022 will be released and promoted normally on instagram etc.


Also some big changes are that we will ONLY release 2 releases per month because we thought that 2 release per Friday are too much, when we only have 2 releases per month, we can focus more on the one we released. 

The genres we accept will be the same as they were before. (Future House, Future Bounce, Slap House, Bass House) 


On a successful future, 

Tom Beier, Justin Schütz, Marius Kania, Michael Vossler / desiredrec team